July 5, 2007

4th of July

4th of July fireworks were held at our home this year. It was nice having such a big backyard to light the fireworks off. Looking at the pictures, I pondered at how nuts it is to have kids running around with lighted sticks in their hands. It's a wonder no one got hurt.

Taylor and the bonfire of sparklers.

Ben wanted no part of fireworks. This is one of only a few moments that he let me take my hand from off of his ear. He was petrified.

Hailey has become such a poser these days. I can hardly get candid shots anymore. Once she sees a camera aimed at her, she automatically strikes a pose. Notice the absolutely forced smile. This look reminds me of the cheerleaders posing in high school.

Ben was fascinated the next day to inspect the damage. He was out there staring all afternoon.