June 22, 2007

Ben's First Experience at Lagoon

We had such a blast at Lagoon in June. We went with Taylor's parents, as well as his sister's family. I really wish I was able to get Ben on some sort of ride. He always showed excitement to go on a ride, but once we got to the front of the line he chickened out. These pictures show how he looked most of the day.

I finally forced him to go on the carousel with me. I figured that wouldn't be too scary for him. Guess I was wrong. He tensed up and held on to me tightly the entire ride. Each time around,Taylor tried to get a good shot of him. The first picture shows how thrilled he was on it. Only when we were done did Ben show a smile.


Tom & Rachel said...

Yeah, Ben gets a turn on the blog. That's so funny that he was so excited until the actual moment. His face on the carousel is awesome.